domingo, 23 de junio de 2013

Longer run :13k

This morning was up at 6:55 a.m. with the sun shining hard, I have to admit that I was intimated by it and I was not motivated to go out to my ¨long run´, I was doing it alone, since my father and brother are racing the Hispaniola half marathon this afternoon, I am going to be there watching, but I need to do my training to feel good about life:D,, I decided to go to the conservatory and do 10 laps there, 5 laps counterclock wise and 5 laps in the opposite way, that was what I did, in the first few laps I was kind of unconfortable mentally, counting laps to go, that messed with my head, then I was pissed off, because the laps ( kms) were run at 6:01 the majority of the run, the only laps that were sub 6 were the last 3, 5:56,5:56,5:54, I was very thirsty when I headed out off the conservatory, got home in 75:21 for 12.5k, then ran 3 more mins to complete the 13k, I was not feeling too tired, but I was very thirsty and only were 13k, that has been my problem with ¨long runs¨I get thirsty way too early in the run! Anyway! its done, slow! but I am happy with the way I felt !! Have a great Sunday!

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