domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

Changing routes

Today I did not run in the morning, but I started running just before 5 p.m. Soon in the run I was huffing and puffing and the heat was awful, luckily I hydrated well during the day and now even more that I am not drinking sodas.

Today I went out to the conservatory only to realize that the walking event of this morning was still there and I could not enter the conservatory, when I realize that, I inmediately changed routes and took another street straight that drags me to another park called " La plaza de la cultura", I had been there when they do the " books events", but I had never been there running, when I took a more flatter route and the sun was setting, I started to feel much better and ran randomly inside the plaza.

I lap there took me around 7:18 is more than a km and I could realize that I can run more often there, because the conservatory is a monotony. There were several straight roads where you can run some short repeats over there.

When I had around 34-35 mins I got out of the park and headed home which took me around 7 mins, I got home exactly in 42 mins, so give or take, a 7k run.

I dont the exact distance, but the change in route helped to feel better given the way I felt starting out!!

4 runs this week, took a couple of more days than necessary, but this upcoming week, I ll try to keep the 6 times per week training going.

Hope you have a great Sunday!!

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