domingo, 4 de octubre de 2015

Short run to cap the week

Today I headed out in the evening at 5:15 p.m. with my brother to the conservatory, He wanted to run 65 mins, and I wanted to do around 7.5k.

I got to the conservatory in 7:43 or so, and my brother already was behind I just kept building a bigger lap, but He was feeling very bad and tired that He called it a day after the 2nd lap when He had 20 mins, I was surprised because He seldom do that kind of thing, but He did a fartlek last week, that probably fatigued him way more than it should and the heart rate skyrocket even running easy,along with it is the weight issue, He has increased around 15 pounds of fat in the last 6 months or so.

I did 4 laps in the conservatory and stopped there to go home with my brother, so I did not do 7.5k, but at least I could spend time with my brother doing something We both love so much.

The splits were pathetic so does not worth mentioning it, but I finished the run hard and I want to throw something hard tomorrow, maybe in the form of strides or some 1 min intervals, We will see.

5.5k and 6 days of running again this week, I think that this consistency will pay off.

No sodas since Monday and I have been feeling pretty good and smooth during my runs, not that bloated feeling during runs or after lunches, I am feeling much better to be honest.

Have a great end of week!

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