martes, 20 de octubre de 2015

Zapping the zero

Yesterday I took the day off. I did not run in the morning, but was going to run in the evening, but when the evening came I was hungry and skip the run. So I guess that that is going to be my rest day for the week.

Today I ran in the college that my brother and I studied that is located in front of my house, they have a kind of track inside a baseball field. They say that the dirt track is accurate. Several events are held in that same dirty track and my brother has done several intervals there, and I think that its pretty much accurate.

I had not been there except cheering when my brother is doing a workout, today is the first time that I run in there. I thought that is going to be difficult because if the conservatory is monotonous due to the 1k laps there, this is just 400m, but given that this is the first time that I run there, I found it funny!! I would not imagine running there everyday though!!

So We started running at an easy pace and I decided to mark every km (2.5 laps) I started in 6:24 the first km, I was a bit frustrated because felt a lot faster than that, luckily, I got faster later with the same effort, the second km was 6:00 or so, next was 5:39 if my math is not bad, 3k passed in 18:03 after that I decided to push the split button for the 4 remaining kms.

The next 4k came in 5:42,5:41,5:38,5:35, next 200s in 63 seconds and pushed a bit the final lap in 1:49, I tried to sprint the last 100s, but the sprint in my last race was way faster than today`s attempt!!

I did 7.6k in 43:34!! I really liked the pace and now I understand my slow race, probably I went out too fast in the first 400s of the race and was in survival mode after the mile. Today I let the pace came to me and it was confortable, I was huffing and puffing at times, but I could sustain the pace easily and no lactic acid accumulation.

Theorically, today`s pace is my tempo pace, but I found that I just went out easy and pushed just a bit at the end, this is not even close as taxing as a tempo run.

This is a step in the right direction I guess, and I ll continue to train hard, I ll do a several sessions there to improve my LT and Vo2 max.

Another thing is that the terrain there is optimal for training, is a dirty track, but you dont feel the pounding as much, and is ideal to avoid injuries, would be very useful for me as I tend to suffer of Shin splints.

The weather was super hot, I felt like I was in an oven, but felt great by the time I finished. Its good to run in flat routes and not do 50 hills in the conservatory route.

7.6k in 43:34!( yeah, I thought in my house that I would have done 1 more lap to complete the 8k, but then I did not even think about that!

Have a great Tuesday!

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