jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

Nice evening run

Today I headed out to the conservatory at 6:25 p.m. and today I wore my watch, but just recorded splits, but only looked at them after the run, so basically the run was entirely by effort.  I felt bloated in the first couple of laps but then loosened up pretty good and finished feeling much better and faster than I started.

The splits were 7:48 to get to the conservatory and then did 6 laps in 6:13,6:06,6:01,6:00,5:52,5:44 and ran some more to complete 45:30 what I could call 7.5k.

The reason of not watching the splits was due to an article that posted my online friend and fellow runner Ryan Hill in his website, about how the watch is useful, but only for post run analysis, you dont gain anything by modifying your paces because you dont like what you see on the watch.

Its better to run by effort like I did today and then check splits or your time after the run, I realized that lately I have been racing even my easy runs and that is a mistake, I ran much faster today than other days where the pressure to get down of 6 mins per lap is huge, but today it just came naturally and just happened when I loossened up.

I have done runs like that in the past (several years ago to be honest), but doing that today I see that its a very effective way to train because you are paying attention to the body and not reacting to the watch.

" Let the watch report, not direct" was the tittle of the article, and I think a lot of people train way harder than they should or race the watch even they should not.

Today I drank soda because I wanted to, but I realized that it bloated me a lot and today i could not understand how I could zip a lot of that, its tasteful, but as soon as I drank my two 16 onzes cup, I felt bloated and that carried for half of the run.

Given that I drank that everyday I could not spot the bloatness (I dont know if that is a word) and thought that it was normal, today I can tell that its not normal and its fairly unconfortable.

I ll still drink coke, but much more less than before, I just need to drink more natural foods and stick to mostly water, that coke is good for an ocassion, maybe 1 time per week, but I can see that the excess of that its causing me to gain a lot of weight and causing that my performances decrease.

Hope you have a great night!

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