martes, 6 de octubre de 2015

Monday run

Yesterday I forgot to post honestly.

Danilo and I got to the conservatory at 6:05 p.m. or so, We got there in 7:33 and I felt like I was working, then Danilo started pushing the pace and built a gap, He was running much better than Sunday. After a lap Jose joined me but after around 400s He sped up to join my brother ahead, They built a gap of 10 seconds on me, but I did not let that gap got bigger, I was feeling confortable, but with a quick turnover.

After 4 laps in the conservatory I called it a day and did a couple of mins more to complete 5.5k for a total of 32:30. The reason that I called it a day was because the pace was not that easy and the splits were way too slow, also  I get pissed off when people dont train as hard as( not even close) me nor as often and they can maintain your rythm without much effort, even pull ahead. To be honest in the last lap, I could pass my brother and my friend, but I was not going to make that a race, if they want to race lets put a number on our chest. I just called it a day and headed home walking from the park.

Laps were 6:00,5:47,5:38,5:45, faster than my everyday pace, but that should be very easy by now. The legs are just heavy and I have to maintain a quick turnover to maintain that pace.

Typing this I wanna run, because Sunday and Monday were both short runs, and the body is asking for more. I ll probably rest today since the left shin is giving signals of inflamation and hurted a bit when I started running yesterday.

I have realized that the conservatory is not a good place to train if you are a runner, yeah! the conservatory has 2 hills on each lap, but I have trained there for years now and I have gotten worse not better and a big reason for that is that in the mirador you could do a lot more quality stuff, thus improving fitness faster and getting more hard efforts. I ll try to incorporate more mirador running, and when I have a car the staple of my training will be tempo runs and speed workouts there in the mirador, that is how you improve, not just jogging 4-6 laps in a park (each lap has 1 kilometer) and mentally seem that you ran 2 hours because of the monotony. In the Mirador you run 8k and its a breeze, this is an aerobic sport so the more mileage the better( up to a point of course), so no matter if each lap of the conservatory has 2 hills, you can get enough quality or enough long running there to really improve further.

Another thing is that since I am only drinking water for the most part for the last week, I dont fee bloated after or during runs and I feel like I could speed up and work harder without going to trash, not like when I zipped more than 5 glasses of coke per day, I felt like I was going to explode during runs, back then did not feel the difference because that was my way of living everday, now as I am drinking only water I can feel much better during runs and during my day, although I have to admit that sometimes the craving comes and I just endure to avoid those cravings, overall feeling much better.

so 5.5k total in just over 32 mins.

Have a great week!

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