martes, 12 de enero de 2016

Good run with Juan

I headed out with my brother and Juan to the conservatory at 7:00 p.m. or so I was running without a watch, but the pace was slow to start, but then as soon as We got there Danilo took off to do his tempo run, and then Juan sped up to catch me, then the pace increased slowly each lap that passes. I did 6 laps, He did 5 laps I think, By the 4th lap Juan stayed behind because We had increased the pace a lot (it still was easy for me, but I could hear and feel He was struggling). With 2 laps to go Danilo gave me the watch ( I did not ask for it), and I took my las lap split where I increased the pace significantly, not a v02 max test, but not an easy lap either, it was a moderate-hard effort.

I did in the last lap 5:06 feeling strong, but thought that I was running faster, then ran for 2+ more mins to complete what I thought was 7.5k.

I felt pretty good and the weather was good in my opinion, This run was very important for me, because  I had a stressed morning interviewing for a job, but the run helped to keep my sanity in its place.

7.5k total, with uknown total time.

I have been feeling pretty good during runs, maybe I have to start to adding intensity to the runs, yeah I know that I told that a million of times, but as I am not training for anything, it does not matter if I run fast or slow.  But running fast is fun!!

Have a great night!

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