sábado, 2 de enero de 2016

Hot run to the mirador

Today I headed out to the mirador just before 10 a.m. I was going to take the conservatory route, but I could see 2 dogs 100m apart, and I told myself that I was going to the mirador to avoid the dogs encounter. It would serve me as  change in route as well.

I went out to the mirador to the 200s mark (2 miles) in 19:20, then turned around and completed the 6.4k in 37:56 or so. I had to stop a few times to avoid the traffic in the intersections. All in all it was a good run, nice change in route, but too hot out there!

Also the pace was much faster than my easy pace in the conservatory, maybe the change in route makes me run faster or I have to question the accuracy of the route (house to the mirador).

All in all, happy to have run today and get my homework done!

I have set a new goal for this year, that goal is to NOT weigh myself till January 1st of 2017, I weighed yesterday 196 pounds after waking up without drinking or eating anything.

The reason is simple, and that reason  is who cares if I am 190-195 or 185 pounds, I am running pretty slow and I would rather to focus on performance rather than an arbitrary number in the scale, I could be 200 pounds, and if I am running decent, then it would not matter, of course, that if I train harder and the times go down, the weight should go down, but that is not always the case. Last year, I weighed basically the same but ran 2 mins faster in the 5k, so weight is irrelevant there.

Another reason is that right now I am focusing on losing weight, and not enjoying every run and training hard, if I shift the focus to training hard and enjoying my training and improving my nutrition while eating the things that I enjoy once in a while, I should be good to go despite whatever number is displayed in the scale.

Another reason was that I googled if I could lose weight without tracking weight, I mean, doing the correct actions to improve your physique, instead of watching the weight increase or decrease 2.9 or 3.7 or 8.6 pounds.

I found a very interesting article that the target are women, but it served me very well, because in the last year I have been focusing in losing weight and I even bought a scale on January 2015 to track weight.

During the past year I only told," if I only could weigh 150-160 pounds again, I would run much faster" and I only discouraged myself when I see a decrease in weight only to see an increase the week after. Instead, I want to train hard plus add a bit of strength training, eat better and the weight should take care of itself.

The articles that I read were:


This lady has very good points in regards to that, and I will give it a try, of course not weighing yourself is not a license to eat whatever you want without feeling guilty, you want to improve your diet and indulge once in a while, and you can track your improvement in other ways instead of weight, such as performance (running in my case), pants fitting, measures in different areas.

Another thing that I have decided is to not race till I am in decent shape (in my book of course, since shape is all subjective), I.E. sub 23-24 mins in 5k, I will of course track improvement during training, and I will only race when I am in shape to beat those marks, a bit stubborn on my part, but I need to train harder, instead of focusing on weight or fat loss. Those are side effects of your dedication to your training and a decent nutrition!!

Thats all I got today!

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