sábado, 23 de enero de 2016

Yesterday`s run

This post is from yesterday (Friday), but I was not able to post so here it goes.

At 7 p.m. after work I went with Juan and Danilo to the conservatory, I ran without a watch because Danilo was going to do a tempo run. so I stayed behind with Juan as soon as We enter the conservatory, then when Danilo passed us before completing the 3rd lap, I went with him and ran with him for around 400s before He stopped, then I slowed a bit, before increased pace again for 2 more laps. I must say that my last 2 laps were at a good clip and I felt very good, dont know the splits because I did not wear a watch, but I felt awesome and smooth.

I ran around 7.5k total untimed. In the first lap or 2, I felt very tired from work, felt down on energy, and was very hungry before starting the run, but as soon as I warmed up I felt awesome and smooth. After the run I felt awesome and seemed that I did not work that day, I even went to bed later than planned, running is awesome, I felt like crap before running and post run I felt like a million of bucks!! Who needs medicine with running available anytime and anyplace!

Today I rest and I ll run tomorrow first thing in the morning, hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

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