domingo, 28 de febrero de 2016

Another long run and tempo mix

That is not really a long run, but for me it sorta is, but the enphasis as the tempo of course.  Today I woke up really early before 6 a.m. but I did not head out till 6:55 a.m.  I headed out with my father to the mirador warming up very easy, I did not feel great, because my left quads felt a bit burnt after the easy run yesterday, dont know if its DOMS or what, but yesterday the run was pretty easy so no way is a result of that, maybe Thursday`s fartlek is paying off yesterday-today.

Anyway, warmed up 3k, then the tempo started, I wanted to run slower than last week, more confortable but with even splits of course, today I started even faster feelin better, 1st km came in 4:55, feeling very good, but the breathing a bit labored, then decided not to look a the watch till the halfway point, but I was taking splits anyway, afer the mile I knew that I had to cut this tempo short If I did not want to turn this into a race effort, 2nd came in 5:02 ( did not look, realized post run), halfway I took a glance at the watch in 12:26, feeling good, but the breathing was very labored, decided to reach the 3k mark and see what happens, 3k in 14:58 (4:59 that km), then thew the towel and was happy with my effort, my father was there and We ran together for 1km in 5:57, then decided to put the hammer down for the final km and see if I could get sub 26 mins, or improve my December 5k race time (25:53), yea racing the watch I know, but sometimes the watch can help, final km came in 4:51 feeling very good and smoothly. Of course, I had 1k recovery prior to that, but I am happy that I could regain myself after throwing the towel, not that I am a coward, but I my breathing was very fast for a tempo effort, realized that I am not recovered from Thursday,  Total time for the 5k was 25:47, with the 4th km jogging around, I must be heading the right direction, I wanted to run about that time, but with more even splits, anyway, happy with the overall effort, happy for the first 3k and happy with how I felt in the last km. So I consider this workout a success.

Another thing, that I have noted is that no matter how slow I do my easy runs ( as long as I dont lose form or mechanics), the important thing is the stress workouts and I am getting better and better each workout. Easy runs are for recovery purpose, or preparing you for a hard effort.

3k cool down, to finish 11k for the day. Ran 6 times this week, I am running 5 times, but this week I just wanted to run more so I went with it.

I am getting more and more motivated in my running, maybe because I am improving, maybe because I am training smart, or maybe because I am feeling better than ever.

Hope you have a great Sunday!

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