viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

Easy running

Yesterday I took the day off, was going to run easy, but got too hungry from work and skipped. I felt guilty for it.

Today at 6:35 p.m., I went out with a female friend and my father to the conservatory and I hoped that you would have a good conversation and banter there, but my father took off at a pace that was a bit unconfortable for my athlete.

We got to the conservatory in 8:02 ( with my friend We get there in 9 or a bit less mins most of the time), so We were faster than her easy pace, my father continued pulling away, but I remained with my friend to monitor her effort and ask her if She was ok, The first 2 laps were in 6:25,6:28, definitely too fast for her easy pace, We always do over 7 mins per lap, We work that out to slightly sub 7 mins in the last lap, but this time We were way ahead, in the 3rd lap She was struggling , We did that in 6:51, She told me that She had eaten too late, She wanted to battle through it, but when She told me She wanted to throw up, I told here to stop there and do the scheduled 60 mins tomorrow. Then I continued by my own, did 13:20 for 2 laps ( the first lap of those 2 lap was very easy trying to encourage my friend), then did 1 more lap in 5:58 to complete 6 laps total, then did 2 more mins to do 49:18, what I think was a bit more than 7.5k.

I felt really good today and the last lap was definitely the easiest of all.

Weather was pretty good also and I enjoyed the run!

Have a great night!

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