miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

Night fartlek workout

Today I decided to do my fartlek workout (speed workout).The plan was to do 4 x 2 min with 2 min jog in between. Thats what I did and I felt pretty good.

I went out to the conservatory in 8:10, then did 1 lap easy in 6:40 and then the workout started, the first interval felt like an eternity and I think I did it too fast, then I slowed down a bit, but not enough to feel easy, I felt tired the whole way and in the ON part I was huffing and puffing, but I think that is the purpose of that workout.

After the fast period was completed I did 1 more lap easy in 6:46 to complete the 5 laps and then headed home to finish the 7.5k in 46:31, almost the same time as yesterday. I was running in the first lap easy with a guy and as soon as I took off , He sped up as well, I would pass him in the fast portion and He would pass me back in the recovery portion, He won because after finishing my last interval,He passed me back and remained that way, I said something to him "lets go",He smiled and dissapeared. It was good to run with company, that keeps you focused in the workout, I almost did not feel the 5 laps, those laps passed by very quickly.

All in all a good workout, and I ll do a tempo run on the weekend. I am liking to run fast, that gives a lot of confidence, and I want to think that I can come back to shape. One day at a time.

Have a great Humpnight!

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