domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

Tempo run or long run, maybe both?

Today I had scheduled a tempo run, I wanted to do 5k sub 26:15 in the mirador, of course that is not my tempo run pace, given that I ran 25:53 in a 5k race on December, but I thought I should do it, following even splits, and given last week`s tempo run, that should not be a problem in flat terrain.

Anyway, I wanted to run at a controlled, but " fast" pace, warmed up 3k untimed to the mirador, very easy talking with my father. Then tied my knots harder and the tempo started, first 200s in 55secs (should have been 62-63), way too fast, then decreased the pace a bit and passed the 500s in 2:23, still too fast, bue then it seems that the pace took care of itself and I slowed down to 4:59, the first km , but at that time I was running over 5 mins kms, anyway, I tried to stay at that pace asl long as I could, second km came in 5:07 (10:06), then I was feeling good but a bit labored, kept the pace and effort, halfway came in 12:37 (2:31 for those 500m), 3k in 15:12 (2:34 those 500s), then I started to get tired, but I could keep the pace so I kept pushing, I really wanted to run sub 25:53, given that I went out that fast, 4k came in 20:20 (5:08), that is in the bag, but I was very tired and huffing and puffing very hard at this point, tried to strenghten mentally, and kept dividing the remaining km in small segments,  (600s to go, just get to the 200s mark, get this shit done), in the last 400s I tried to increase pace, but I remained the same, with 200s to go, my father encouraged me and another guy I just had passed started to race with me with 80m to go, He accelerated, then I accelerated, but after I saw He got to his maximum I ate him alive in the final sprint, I finished the 5k in 25:22(5:01). 31 seconds faster than on December , not too shaby.

I felt really tired, but felt great and happy to keep that pace, 3k to cool down and 11k total, dont remember the last time I did 11k.  so That is why in the tittle I put 11k as a long run, for some people that is only a short easy run.

I am happy with my progress , but I want to get to 22-23 mins before the year ends, I have not weighed myself since January 1st, and as I am heading the right direction in my performance, I dont care about scales, so I ll keep my promise, not weigh yourself till January 1st 2017.

Another thing that I wanted to note is that the watch really helped today, I have said before that its better to race without a watch and by effort, but to be honest, it can be good either way, I realized than during my last 2 5k races, especially in the last one, I did not gave my best, it was that I got dissapointed, when I saw those old guys (no offense) around me and pretty much gave in till the finished line. The watch today kept me very focused with the goal in running sub 25:53. I dont know, maybe I ll race with a watch, but maybe I ll keep with my watchless approach during races. In fact, is not the watch`s fault, is one atiitude and mindset. It seems that seeing those people around me discourage me, instead of pump me up to the finish line. Botton line: Improve and get the shit done, so that, fast people are around you.

Have a great Sunday!  I am coming back little by little!

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