sábado, 13 de febrero de 2016

Tempo inspiration

I was to skip any stress workout this week, but after seeing the USA Marathon olympics trials, I just could not help and do something faster than easy. I got out faster from the get go and I got to the conservatory in 6:55, the last time I got there in sub 7 mins, was years ago.

Then I decided to keep the effort or increase it a bit if I felt good, plan was to do 5 laps at a strong pace, first lap came in 5:28, then just tried to keep effort and the second lap came in 5:12, I was susprised with the dramatic change, then tried to ease up a bit so that I could complete the 5 lasp at a strong effort, came in 5:11, good news, then tried to stay at it for the whole 5 laps, the other 2 laps came in 5:11 and I increased effort in the last downhill to finish in 5:00 the last lap. If I sum correctly, the 5k (5 laps) came in 26:04-26:07 so I think that is faster than my last 5k races, not in time, but today I ran through 10 hills, the races were flat, so I think that I am heading the right direction.

Then ran home easy to the conservatory to home to finish the 7.5k in 40:41. Dont remember that I did a time like that, of course all this years I have been basically jogging around, that pace is jogging for some, but the effort was there today, I was grunting very bad and doing a high noise, but I could keep pace, the problem was the legs getting heavier and heavier and the breathing out of control.

I feel very happy with today, and it seems that the pace on easy runs does not matter, because I have been jogging easily the whole week and today I felt very fresh, from the get go I knew that it was going to be a good day for me.

I just felt good and strong, then more easy runs till mid week of next week and I ll do the 2 min repeats that I promise, I am getting the training nicely, because those mini tempos that I have done have given me a lot of mental strength and a lot of confidence.

Have a great Saturday!

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