domingo, 7 de febrero de 2016

Mini tempo run

Today in the evening at 6:00p.m. I headed out with my brother to the conservatory to do our tempo run, He was going to do a tempo run of 5 laps  (5k), and I was going to do a tempo run of 2-3 laps (2-3k) depending on how do I feel, of course I wanted to do 3 laps intead of 2.

We warmed up easy to the conservatory and then did 1 more lap easy before starting the fast portion, I let him the watch since He was going to run longer, I tried to stay in contact so that We could have similar splits.

The workout started and after around 300s He went ahead and I tried my best to hang on and not to lose contact. The first lap passed and I felt good, but the second halp was not that good, because my brother stopped  cold after just starting the second halp after that I did not have a rabbit and I had to battle it out myself.

The third lap came and I basically slowed down to a jog, continud that way till the half way or so and then accelerate again to finish the 3k in 15:17 , splits were 4:52 ,5:54 (9:46),5:31(15:17). Then did 2 more laps for cool down in 7:09 and 6:34, then ran 1:30 to finish in 46:xx for 7.5k. Oh yeah, Danilo gave me the watch  when I passed him after the first lap, but I could not put it so I grab it with my hand.

All in all, I felt a lot of satisfaction after the workout, is  good to run hard and push your limits. I will keep doing this, of course I wont race as promised, but maybe later I ll break that promise, but honestly, my times are pathetic right now to race. Anyway, I feel happy because I am heading the right direction.

Next week, I ll try the mirador route where the route is flatter and I ll sure go down sub 15 mins, that puts me in a very good position to get down sub 25 mins in the 5k.

The weather was a bit hot but very cloudy!

Have a great night!

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