viernes, 12 de febrero de 2016

The easy runs continue

I said that I was going to do a workout but that did not happen, on Wednesday, I got very tired from work and suffered paralysis of analysis and I did not even run that day. On Thursday the whole day rained and it did not worth to run in those conditions, it could be quite unconfortable to run in paddles and the last time I ran in a strong rain it was not a pleasurable experience, dont get me wrong when you are cruising in the conservatory there is no problem with rain, but the problem comes when you are outside the conservatory or goint to the conservatory.

Ended up not running that day either so my both days off of the week were back to back, no biggies I only have to run from Today till Sunday.

Today at 5:30 p.m  there was a birthday meeting there in my work and they gave chocolate cake, and greasy food and sodas, I had the run in the back of my mind, but I ate and drank anyway.

When I got home I sat in the pc for a while and at 7:40 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory feeling stuffed still, ran easy and after one lap considered doing the planned workout, but given the way that I was feeling it did not worth it and I just continued running easy till 3 laps then I got out the conservatory and headed home.

So 5.5k in 34:59, 3 laps in 6:30,6:19,6:17 so yeah the pace was pathetic, but at least I ran which is a plus.

Tomorrow morning I ll run a bit faster and longer hopefully, because I wont have a full stomach.

Another thing that I have done the last 3 days is to come from work to home walking which helps to build some extra calories. The distance is not long, just a bit more 2k I think.

Have a great Friday and keep the running strong!

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