martes, 23 de febrero de 2016

Easy "long run"

Today I came home walking from work, so around 2.5-3k I suspect. Then at 6:40 p.m. I headed out with my father and a friend to the conservatory, I took off early, not that I was going fast, but they stared very slow, because my friend was doing intervals in the park.

I got to the park in 7:54, very easy, and then did 9 laps, the 9 laps were not planned, the plan was to do 6 and complete the 7.5k, but I felt very good and decided to keep on going to get out of my confort zone, I still felt sore from the workout on Sunday, and I want to do a workout tomorrow, I guess the pace was so easy today that it wont affect my tomorrow`s fartlek.

I did 67:21 total time, what I guess in 10.7-10.8k or so. it does not matter really, but I got out of my confort zone and ran longer than planned. Splits were from 6:36 to 6:15 or so, so very easy, the faster laps were at the end, and I felt very confortable.

Happy to have run today and to be heading the righ direction!!

Have a great Tuesday!

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