martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

Damn rain

I could not run on Sunday and Monday, so last week just did 4 runs, and I was feeling pretty guilty. But the rason was that I left my runs for the evening and at that time both days was raining very hard, as I explained the other day, its nice to run in the rain, but once you are in the conservatory, the 1.2k to get to the conservatory is very wet and hilly and very irregular, and after I twisted my ankle with everything dry , I am playing it safe. But I felt very guilty and today I was very happy to be back a it.

I even twisted my ankle today, this time was my left ankle, luckily it was not the whole foot, so no problem so far. Today at 7:15 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory easy to prepare for the upcoming workout, ha those 2 days off served as recovery from Saturday and I felt sore those 2 days, today I was much better though!

Got there in 7:57, then did 5 laps in 6:20,6:16,6:09,6:10,6:05 and back home in 7:00 for a total of 46:34 in 7.5k. I felt really good and smooth today, it seems that those days off did not do any harm to my fitness, Anyway, I am motivated to run and those days off really pissed me off.

I did not force the pace even once, as I said I am training smart so that I can reap the benefits of the training and I can see that I have improved something, not much, but if I keep doing stress workouts and doing easy runs easy, then the fitness should come back.

Have a great Tuesday!

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