sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

Cruise intervals

Today I woke at 6:35 a.m., and was out at 7:00a.m., to the mirador. Today was my Threshold workout, and today I planned to do cruise intervals, which consisted in 3k w/u+ 2 x 2 miles with 2 mins rest+ 3k c/d. So I warmed up 3k to the mirador in 18:19, did a mini stretching then the workout began, did the first 2 mile repeat in 14:22, dont know exactly where the 2mile mark is because the street is no longer marked, but I know more or less where it is, the first 3k I crossed in 13:24 with km splits of (I looked at the watch every km but did not save it in the watch) 4:25, 9:01(4:36),13:24(4:23), at the end of the first repeat my stomach was bothering me if you know what I mean!, I felt great at that point and could have gone longer at that pace no problem, recovered 2 mins, then the second repeat started, I finished it in 14:18 with splits( I dont remember very exactly the splits) but as I can recall, the first 1.2k in 5:23, the second km in 9:49-9:53(4:26-4:30) dont remember exactly and the last one in 4:25-4:29. At the end I felt great, felt very very strong, I can cross the halfway of the 10k at that pace but after that I might be into travel but that is why We do these workout: to run faster with less lactic acid in the muscles. Felt very very strong and the pace felt relativately confortable. The weather was very hot and the sun was shining a lot!! 3k for cool down untimed. The 6.7k were 30:41(that was the time and distance that covered the workout including the recovery).

Around 12.7 kms total(including 2 x 2 miles repeats in 14:22,14:18), Around 67-68 mins. Very nice Cruise interval.

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