sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Threshold run

Hoy tenia mi Tempo run of the week, estoy alternando un Tempo run y un cruise interval, so esta manana me levante como a las 6:30 a.m., pero me tome mi tiempo para salir y como a las 6:55 a.m., sali hacia el mirador con mi Papa, calente 3k easy en 19:30s, luego me pare un min a estrechar dinamicamente y empeze mi Tempo run, que era de 6k, sali a un paso bueno y controlado, the first km passed in 4:29 and I felt very good and the pace felt somewhat slow, then I try to stay that way and the 2nd kilometer went in 4:39(9:08), I said " a bit slow"but the effort is pretty good, then I Sped up to see if I could hit sub 4:30, but the 3rd kilometer came and I did 4:32(13:41) then turn around and wanted to take advantage of the downhill, the 4 km came in 4:33 (18:14), then decided that I would not look at my watch till the finish, I pushed the lap button at the 5k in 4:34 (22:49) , I thought that I was going a lot faster because I really stretched my legs and felt that I was running faster, but I didnot, the 6k came in 4:32 and the finish time for the 6k was 27:21, I wanted to run sub 27 mins, but the pace dropped after the first km, I cant complain since I felt very strong the whole way, felt great and what matter is effort not the pace, so I was happy that I felt that strong and could handle the pace, did a negative split of 1 second, so that is good. Very happy with the way I felt. Did 3 more kms for cool down with my father.

12k total, Around 64-66 mins.

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