sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

Volando en 5: 5k race

Today was the race volando en 5 5k race. As i have been running in the morning I did not like to wait to the afternoon to race because I spent much of the day with "pressure". I was hoping to run sub 21:30 but in the back of my mind I thought that I was capable of a sub 21 mins, did not happen!! Raced without a watch once again, its the best way to race, would have worn a watch and the race performance would have been much worse, a lot of people passed me in the second half, felt unconfortable the whole way, so it was a bad race for me in terms of place, man in the finish line photo I am in a stampede, that means that a lot of people can run 20-22 mins with ease, that is frustrating, the time was "only" 7 secons slower than december but the field was much deeper I finished in 106th place, compared to the 69th place that I did on december. I am very frustrated with my place, but at least I gave it all I had. I finished in 21:44 (gun time), 21:40( chip time), with splits that found in the results of 10:20 and 11:20, that means that I slowed down 1 minute in the second half, that is a lot, I was not carriying anything in the second half and it felt like a job in terms of pace, people passed me left and right and I could not do anything about it. The workouts are going really good and I am been consistent with the mileage, I dont know what the heck was wrong!!. Warmed up 2k before the race with Danilo and felt tired and tight. I did not taper for this race, so I can beat that time with taper, in fact I can run much faster in a good day, but I dont care about time a lot, I do care about competition, I want to beat all those people that beated me today, I want to crush them.

7.1k total, 5k race in 21:40(10:20,11:20)

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  1. Great race report, Cesar. I can understand your frustration -- I got beat in my race by a guy I train with who I'm always faster than in training. Oh well -- everyone has good and bad races. That first-half split looked very good. Was it too quick? All this should help keep you motivated. Keep up the great training!

  2. Thanks Doug!! I am recovering, hope to race better in my next race that is gonna be a 10k on May 8th.