miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

V02 max interval workout (Phase III start)

Today I woke at 6:20 a.m., because I was running my first interval of the cycle and the 1st one over a year with Alexis alias el pupilo, so We went out at 7:03 a.m. to the mirador, We were lucky that we did not have to face all the traffic stuff because we are in holly week, We warmed up 3k to the mirador in 18:16, did a mini stretching and We were ready to go,, the workout consisted in 5 x 1000s with 3:30 rest, pure V02 max session, the first one was in 3:40, I was not that confortable, but I thought that I was running 4:00, when I saw 3:40 I got surprised and got happy, the second one I settled in a slower pace than the first one and was much more confortable in 3:58, the third one was out and back and I did 4:01, the 4st one was in 3:55, at this point I was feeling tired, but never thought of giving up, I am very strong, saved something for the last one, We went out for the last repeat and We were running head to head, then at 600m I pulled away and built a gap of about 20 meters, but the legs were shot, I could talk and was fine in the lungs, the problems were the legs, so with about 100-200s to go He blew by me and I wanted to challenge him, but the legs were shot, I finished the last one in 3:48, finished strong and was ready inmediately for my cooldown, but had to wait for Alexis that threw himself in the grass, haha, so 5 x 1k in 3:40,3:58,4:01(out and back),3:55,3:48, the recovery was 3:30, if we sum it up then its 19:22-19:25 for the 5k, Heck I cant even do 20 mins, or at least not in the past 5k race where I ran 21:40. The total time for the core of the workout including the recovery was 33:30,We did 3k for cool down, so we did around 12.6-13k total. Great workout and I felt great.

12.6-13k total, around 70 mins total time.

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