viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

Unplanned planned "more or less racing"

This morning I was up at 5:20a.m. sleepy by the way, and out with Danilo at 5:45 a.m. or so, today I had planned to run 11k easy run to get ready for my tomorrow's workout, well, I went out at an easy pace, feeling very good. Yesterday, The mexican runner that like to pass people passed Danilo and Danilo kick his butt by passing him back and pulling away turning it into a race, Yesterday he passed me as well, but I was too tired from my interval that I continued running at an easy pace, but I told to myself that if he passed me again today or some other day I would challenge him and race him in training to kick his butt, well, that happened today, I was running at an easy pace , but within 3.8k into the run(800s in the mirador), The guy passed me and I inmediately sped up and ran in his back, then 200s later I took the grass and sped up, like a mile race, I continued my way, when I heard footsteps very near I sped up once again, I was still tired from my interval workout to be honest, when I turned back in the 2.5k of the mirador (5.5k of my run) He was very close to me, and I accelerated even more, but I was somewhat tired, the same happeened, when i Heard footsteps I accelerated, easing up a bit between accelerations, in the last km I heard footsteps again and really hammer the last km, with 400s to go I glanced back but could not see the guy, so I eased up a bit, with 200s to go I sped up again, with 3k to go I really ran easy to home, recovering with about 1k to go. When I was approaching my house I glanced at the watch for the first time and it read 56:50s, I said"holly crap I am going to run 57 mins" I finished the 11k in 57:31, so 5 minutes faster than my normal runs, I never looked at my watch during the run so to speak, but I guess that I did the 5k of the mirador in around 22-23 mins, that guy really got out my racing instincts today! I regret it? yes, tomorrow I do have a very hard session, 4 x 2000m cruise interval and by the end of today's run I felt the legs somewhat burned, I hope that tomorrow I feel capable of doing my cruise interval workout. The weather was good.

11k total, 57:31.

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