sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

Cruise intervals: 2000m repeats

This morning I woke up at 6:20 a.m., and was out with my father and Danilo at 6:45 a.m. Today I had my cruise interval workout which was hard, 3k warm up +4 x 2000m with 85 seconds rest+3k cool down. As soon as I started the warm up, the left leg started to bother me and I was prepared to drop the workout if it continue to bother me, then after a couple of mins it dessapeared, I warmed up 3k in around 18:20 to the mirador. Then, stretched the left foot a bit, and started my workout, when I started the leg bothered me again,for around 200m, after 300m it dessapeared again, I crossed the 1st km in 4:20, right where I wanted to be, continued to that pace but was a bit unconfortable, I think yesterday's racing training caught me up today, ok, finished the first repeat in 8:43, very nice, recovered around 1:28, then the second repeat started, felt a bit unconfortable in this one as my breathing was somewhat fast, when I crossed the first km in 4:15 I knew the reason, eased up a bit to finish the second repeat in 8:40, was feeling better, recovered 85 seconds and the 3rd repeat started, first km in 4:23, kept the same pace to finish the 3rd repeat in 8:47, was a bit tired but feeling quite strong, recovered 80 seconds and last repeat started, crossed the first km in 4:26, and was feeling heavy legs already, dont know if it was mental as it was the last one, but had to accelerate at the very end to get sub 9 mins, 4th repeat went in 8:57. so 4 x 2000s in 8:43,8:40,8:47,8:57 with 85 seconds rest. Felt good, a bit tired at the end, but happy with the pace as it was faster than my previous cruise interval, and yesterday I ran somewhat hard for around 5k, I dont know if I would have been truly rested I would have run faster, but definetely was not feeling at the top of my game in the first repeat. I just wanted that the old guy test me today, today i was trully prepared to run hard, as this workout is not an easy feat, no matter what the race result say, I have improved, since I could manage a workout like this feeling strong at the end. The weather was decent. Happy with the workout and the effort. Now as I am typing this I ran a bit in the floor of my house and I hurt my left foot a lot , I am starting to worry, hope that I can do my long run tomorrow, hope that monday's rest help that to heal. the 8k plus the recovery of the workout went in 39:23, was around 8.6k, so it was fast. Hope that this T work pay off in next week race, but I hope to be pain free for the next days to come. 3k cool down.

Around 14.7kms total, I think that this the highest mileage I have done doing a workout. wow.

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