sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

Morning Tempo run

This morning I woke up at 6:00a.m., and was out with my brother at 6:25 a.m., went to bed yesterday at 11:00a.m. the earliest in a while! Today I had planned my 7k tempo run at 4:30/km pace or 7:15/ mile pace, I have been very tired from my interval workout on wednesday but I hoped that by today I would be completely recovered, I doubt it since yesterday night I still could feel the tiredness. In my warm up today I started the wu feeling a bit tired and the left ankle bothering me, fortunately, when I was 8 mins into the run I was feeling better and better, ready for my tempo run, knowing that if the ankle would bother in the run I would cut my workout short, finished the 3k warm up to the mirador in 19:23.. The tempo run started, I started at a good pace that felt confortably hard, the first km is in 4:32, I said "a bit slow", I ll do the next one in 4:30, did not happen, crossed the 2nd km in 4:34(9:06), did the same thing, 4:37(13:44), I said to my self "ok I wont look at the watch till the end, it seems that its not my day and I ll do the workout with whatever I have today", I did not look at my watch till the end, and I started feeling stronger because I did not have pressure due to the splits" I recorded the splits on my watch and the following splits were "4:33(18:18),4:30(22:49),4:27(27:16),4:27(31:43)" so I finished the 7k in 31:43, I did a negative split, it seems that when I stopped looking at my watch I could find my rythm and started to feel better. As the splits say, I finished the last 2 kms very strong. I am feeling satisfied with my time, I really wanted to run sub 32 mins, I felt better at the end than in the beginning. But, its frustrating that my tempo pace theorically is some people's easy pace:( The weather was just fine. Great morning tempo run, 3k cooldown.

13k total(including warmup and cooldown), around 67-69 mins.

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