viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

Better evening run

Yesterday I complained because of the way that I have been feeling. Today I decided to wear a watch to see if the splits were consistent with the effort and to distract myself a little,its great to run by effort, but when you feel like crap its not so fun to run by effort, so I decided to wear the watch and busy the mind in the numbers stuff. Did 5 laps in 6:24,6:20,6:03,5:53,5:56. Felt like crap in the first 2 laps as the splits suggest, then kind of loosened up and felt better. I was running with Jose but in the 3rd lap He pulled away because I had to stop several times to tie my shoes. I had to tie my right shoe during the run 6 times. That is the first time that I have to do it so many times, in fact its quite rare to do that even once during running.  The weather was rainy, even started puring a bit during the run, but the real heavy rain fell after the run, We stayed under roof for more than an hour I think, joking and laughing. Completed the 40 mins and I went out to do around 32-33 mins(4 laps).

Have a great Friday everyone!

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