viernes, 24 de abril de 2015

Workout dissapointment

I decided yesterday night that today I wanted to do a semi hard workout to see where I am at, a lot of months easy running with a " fast" lap here and there really doesn´t take you anywhere if you want to race fast and run confortable at faster paces unless you are running a lot of miles, which is not my case.

So today I ate lunch early , did not drink coke and mentally I was prepared to do my workout, At 6 p.m. I warmed up 20 mins very slow and easy, to the conservatory and did 1 lap and more to complete the 20 mins,  then stretched, wanted to do 3-4 laps at a fast pace ( for me it would be sub 5 mins each lap), I started hard, but within 200s of starting I could feel myself huffing and puffing and feeling heavy and slow and feeling very unconfortable, first lap was in 4:47, not bad, but I felt really fast,if I wanted to continue I had to slow down a bit, second lap felt hard as well, but the pace felt more managable, ha! 5:11 second lap for 9:58 for 2 laps, man that was my 15k race (4:48 per km) pace 6.5 years ago, after I saw that I call it a workout and started jogging for cool down for 3 more laps. Did around 8k total.

I feel dissapointed because I can run easy without problems, but whenever I try to run medium to hard effort I could feel the weight and my breathing going at 1000 times per min, that is not motivating. I ll do the same again next, hopefully that ll bring a different result.

Also is normal to feel like shit when you try to run fast after running easy for months. But the heavyness and fast breathing is something that is related to my weight I know for sure.

The positive side is that I am running consistently and enjoying my running all around.

Have a great Friday everyone!! Tomorrow I ll rest since this week I have not rested yet!

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