miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

Slow run with fast finish

Today I went out to the conservatory at 6:15 p.m. got there in 7:43, feeling very tight in the lower part of the leg, that tighness was there till the last couple of laps that I could loosen up a bit and speed up some. I ran with Jose for 5 laps. I did the first one on my own then He joined me and finished the run basically together. We did 3 laps slow and then He started to speed up, at that point I was not that tight so I sped up some too so that I did not lose any contact with him. He kept speeding up in the uphills and built a bit more distance on me, but I stayed patient and played my cards right, when I got to the flat sections I sped up and took advantage of the final downhill and could pass him in the last 15m of the run so I won. ha I was so focused on him that I forgot to take the last lap´s split. splits per lap were 6:22,6:29,6:19,6:18,5:44 and in the last one that I sped up a lot especially in the last 300s I think I did it in 5 flat or less, I really dont know, but when I sped up I felt smooth as opposed as when I started that felt totally slow and tight.

I did 45 mins total, around 7.5k, I am not feeling my best but at least I am getting my training in. I know that consistency will get me to feeling better soon.

Have a great night everyone!!

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