lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

Zapping the zero

This afternoon at 5:55 p.m. I headed out with my father to the conservatory, but I left him behing soon, luckily We were running in opposite directions in the conservatory so each lap We would see each other twice. I decided to run with the watch on time of day and just run, but as I did not eat too much yesterday I could run at a good rythm (no full stomach). I did 7 laps there and Jose Joined me after 3 laps, did 4 with him and I basically raced him in the last lap, as lately He pull away from me, and I catch him in the final downhill where I literally fly through it, I finished almost with hands on knees, was really huffing and puffing when I finished. I think I did that lap sub 5, but the effort was way harder than that. All in all felt good and I am eating less lately, That should translate into faster times later on. By now, I am enjoying my runs and the atmosphere that the park I run in presents.

Have a great day everyone!

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