miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015

The good streak continues

This evening I headed out at 6:10 p.m. to the conservatory and did 6 laps there. I ran with the watch on time of day, but the pace was on and each lap was faster than the last, I ran with Jose for about 2-3 laps. In the last few days, He would speed up and I would have to speed up a lot to catch him. This time around I took advantage of a downhill and speed up to test things out, I was feeling good so the possibility of burning out was rare. I surged about 3 times and He matched my move, but in the final move, I just left him behind and built a gap for a couple of laps, He ended up finishing his run a bit early due to a cramp. I finished my run at a very good pace, but only managed to do 6 laps and ran some more to complete the 42:30 in about 7.5k as an estimate. I felt strong and the weather was good. Fitness is coming back I think, I ll have to test myself with 2-3 laps sub 5 mins per km.

Have a great night!

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