martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Easy morning run to start the week

This morning did not feel like going predawn, but at 9:20 a.m. I went out to the conservatory to do 6 laps with the last lap including 4 strides, that is what I did, felt very easy, but the legs a bit tired at times, during the 4 strides, I felt very good and ready to rock and roll, but as soon as I finish the strides, felt tired again!! oh well! 8.5k in 48:31, with the first half in 25:06, so negative split by 80+ seconds!! Weather was very nice today!

Today is Valentine´s day!! my girlfriend´s birthday!! and today We have 4 years been partners, so 4th aniversary!! Very happy for that!! Happy birthday Alexandra!!

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