jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

Predawn midweek run with last 25 mins at a faster pace

This morning I woke up at 5:15a .m. and was out by 5:45 a.m. wanted to do this predawn so I could do some things in the late morning that running at that time would avoid, its great when you run first thing and have the whole day to do other productive things.
So this morning the plan was to run 10 kms with the last 25 mins, which is around 5 kms for me at a faster pace, around 8:15 per mile pace, I started out slow, but it felt faster than I was really going, the first 5 kms was in 30:21 was surprised because this ridicously slow pace, the pace felt a lot faster, oh well!! those are the cons of the predawn running, on the way back I started my fast portion with the 5-6 kms in 5:30 was dissapointed for the slow pace, keep trying, the following came in 5:17, things started to improve, then 4:59, then 4:47, doubting the exact length of this one, and the last one which I think was long came in 5:08 for the last 5 kms in 25:41, right where I wanted to be but with much more even splits, oh well, at least I did my thing. Finished the 10k in 56:03. The weather was hot even it was predawn.I felt somewhat tired from yesterday´s short intervals, I could feel some burn in my legs in the faster portion! Good run all in all!

10k total ,56:03(30:21,25;:41)

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