sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

Predawn tempo run

This morning I woke up at 5:50 a.m., not very sleepy but with a very sore throat, cosider even go out running, decided to go, since I did not go, I would be angry all day. Today was my tempo run day, wanted to do 6k at tempo pace, but decided just to do 5k in case I did not feel that good, so my father, my brother and I warmed up to the mirador 3k easy, then Danilo and I stretched for a bit, he would do a 10k time trial, so I did not expect to go out with him. We were off and he took off inmediately but he did not was out of range that soon, I did 5k in 23:09 and I dont know if the training is working or the halfworkout that I did on Wednesday did not take alot out of me, but I felt excellent, the pace did feel very controlled, the mind could wander, I had to maintain focus, but it was way easier than past tempos, the splits for the 5 were 4:35,4:40,4:40,4:38,4:33. In the last km surged just a bit to see if I could handle sub 23:10. The pace felt controlled all the way, but I need a lot more endurance to maintain that speed over 12 kms. I felt very happy with how the training is going,however, the shin splints is starting to bother me again and I dont want to rest!! Weather was just fine!!Loving predawn running! 3k cool down to home with my father, around 11k total!

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