miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012

Long intervals: failure, only 3 x 1k, instead of 5

This morning was suppossed to do my intervals predawn, that was the plan last night, but this morning as almost always I slept in and procrastinated the damn thing, very mad, when 10:40 a.m. rolled around I was out to do my intervals, which the plan was 5 x 1k ,5-10k race pace, opting more for 5k race pace, or at least what would feel like race pace, with 3:30 rest, warmed up to the conservatory 18:35, till the point that I start the 1k repeats, in this case, lap repeats. Used the same strategy as ast saturday´s time trial, started the watch and the repeat and got the watch in the pocket till 30-40m of finishing the repeats, the splits for the km were 4:11, too fast, but did not feel that bad, the breathing was a bit fast in the end of the repeat, starting the second repeat, the fast breathing came sooner than in the first repeat, finished in 4:14, easing up at the end, breathing was very labored at the end, 3rd repeat came and did it in 4:16, with labored breathing since halfway the repeat, after the 3rd repeat called it a day, cooled down to my house very frustrated, did around 9k in 50 mins total.
I am very frustrated because my last long intervals session were mile repeats and I felt a lot more relaxed and the breathing was much more controlled, its only my fault, because thouse mile reps I did it in the predawn. This morning did it in a hell temperature, around 35 celsius, did not feel good , 2 hard hilld in each lap did not help eaither, but however, that was not an excuse to cut the workout short,just got frustrated with the way that I was feeling. 3 years ago I did 5 x 1 laps there in sub 4 mins each lap, now I am doing just 4:11 and slowing down, not even completing the workout!! in a month I ll do the same workout, in the predawn and We will see how I do. At least I give the system some work today!! The weather as I said was very very hot, you dont love running very much in those kind of temps, but again, my fault!! to not have the enough b%/&$%lls to wake up early in the morning and enjoy a lovely workout!!
Happy Wednesday all!

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