sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

Tempo run

This morning slept in a bit, it was a good idea because I did not want to log a lot of kms of cool down and warm up since this is a low week and I want to be fully recovered and avoid injuries, then thought of getting to the conservatory, that was what I did. At 8:00 a.m. warmed up with my father to the conservatory , 1.2 kms, its a short wu, but wanted to log few kms, stretched a bit, then my 5k tempo started, since its a low week I just did 5k of tempo, finished in 23:18 (4:33,4:47,4:40,4:43,4:34), in the second km slowed down because I thought the pace was set already, after that had to adjust!! felt good but a bit tired, definetly in the conservatory tempos are much harder than in the mirador. hills, curves, the terrain is not that flat, so it was a good tempo and finished much more tired than in the mirador eventhough was only 5 kms. The weather was nice, finished with my father 1.2k cooldown, did 7.5k total.

7.5k total, 5k tempo.

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