domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

The long run: 16k

This morning I woke up at around 6:30 a.m. not sleepy, good news, went out with Danilo to do my long run of 10 miles or 16 kms, he would do around 13 miles. I went out without a watch so that I could run easy by effort. I took money with me today so I could buy water along the way, one of my biggest challenges during a long run is I get too thirsty after the 11-12 kms, last week I kind of survived till the finish of the run, today wanted to buy water in the halfway but nobody was seeling it so I had to wait till the 13k to buy water, drank a bit and give a bit to my brother. Felt much better and not as thirsty , but needed more water, anyway felt much better and stronger and I could finish the 16 kms no problem, but the legs and knees were screaming!! all in all good week of training, next one is gonna be a recovery week since I have been increasing mileage for 4 weeks without a break week!! Danilo took my time it was 89:46 more than 2 mins faster than last week!its an easy run anyway!
Runs this week: 6 runs
Kilometraje semanal:64 kms or 40 miles, great!! first 40 miles week since april of last year, I am heading the right path!

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